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The Benefits of Forex Trading

Forex trading always involves buying one currency and selling another, so traders can easily trade in a rising or falling market. There is no Zero Uptick rule or any other restriction against shorting a currency.

At $1.9 Trillion Per Day, Forex is the Most Traded Market in the World
The sheer volume of Forex helps to facilitates price stability in most market conditions. What's more, almost 85% of all currency transactions involve the 7 major currency pairs.

Trade on Your Schedule; Respond to Changes in the Market
Forex is a true 24-hour market, open continuously from 5:00pm ET on Sunday to 5:00 pm on Friday. With three distinct trading sessions in the US, Europe and Asia, you can trade on your own schedule and respond to breaking news.

Keep 100% of Your Trading Profits
Most brokers charges no commissions or transaction fees, while still offering free access to real-time quotes, news, charts, research, and more. The cost of trading is built into the bid/ask spread. Also, dealing spreads as low as 3 pips (.0003) are available in currency trading. Even at a penny ($.01), the bid/ask on a stock trade is 30x wider, in addition to the brokerage commission.

Up to 200:1 Leverage
With more buying power, you can increase your total return on investment with less cash outlay. Of course, increasing leverage increases risk. With $1,000 cash in a margin account that allows 200:1 leverage (.5%), you can trade up to $200,000 in notional value.